Happy Person | Graphic Design Student |  Berlin- Lover

Hi! I am Lisa, Graphic Design and visual Communication student living in Berlin. I have never been a big writer but last year I started a different blog with a friend and learned that writing helps me getting my thoughts straight and then, typically me, I thought: Hey, I could write about graphic design too! So I set up this page to slowly work on, use it as my ever evolving side project and student life diary, maybe. So this page will probably change every now and then, when I have ideas or learn something new. Also, I have to say, I am not the most super talented unique design student. I am just an average student. I have always been and I might never really do anything special enough for me. But you never know. I think I’ll just be writing about my struggles, successes and random thoughts about designing. And mostly I’ll be using this for myself, like I said, this is just a side project I thought of, trying to help me getting my thoughts straight and put into actual work what I learn in school. 🙂