Resolutions for the new semester

Next week I will start the second semester of design school. After one semester I have already learned some things here and there and decided I wanted to do some things different. Not too much though, it’s been fine. And I don’t seem to have too many art classes, just video and a design basics class, so I think that should be okay.
For every class you get credit points and grades. First semester was a photography class, where we made a photo book; a drawing class, where I made a little comic and two basic design classes, where we did many little projects. All these little projects had to be combined to a presentation that can be printed. I am assuming that it will be about the same this semester. So my actual point here is, that last semester I didn’t really know what was coming, but now I do. My main resolution is to be more organized when it comes to posters or anything we have to make. Get my design process straight, make good sketches and take notes of my thoughts so I don’t have to think of everything at the end of the semester when I have too much pressure and papers to write.
Second resolution is to put more thought and basically everything I have into all my projects, whatever it takes. I found myself compromising, where I shouldn’t have been, and making mistakes that didn’t need to be there because I didn’t give it everything I had. I am not happy with a lot of the designs I made. Well, I am never really happy with anything I make, but I could have been happier and some mistakes could have been prevented if I hadn’t  barely finished the night before it was due.
Third, and so far last resolution: Be more creative! Create things that have nothing to do with school, maintain my blogs and get my thoughts out in any way possible. Just create things, no matter what it is or how it turns out, just do it and practice. Like I used to when I first started drawing. I need to get back to that mentality.
 I am really lacking the mental strength for all of them a lot, so after the semester, we’ll see how it went. But I feel like I can do it. I am at a point where I am changing myself, the way I am treating myself and think. I’m trying to be mindful and let go of things that are bad for me but embrace more things I love and that are good for me. Which is mostly being creative and making things, being healthy and happy. Part of that will be to stop comparing myself to people who are already professional designers and artists. I see things, great things, on Instagram and all the social media platforms I’m on and I end up being jealous because I am not nearly as good. So that has to stop. And that will be hard. But I will try.