What cheers you up when you’re down?
What do you do on a long bus ride home?
What do you do to stay sane in stressful times?
What motivates you to keep running at 6:30 am?
What helps you to calm down?
What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?
What do you do when your thoughts are too loud?
What keeps you going in a design process?
What helps you write blog posts?
What helps you to stay creative?
What inspires you?
There is one thing I can answer all these questions with: Music.
A bus ride to my parents, or even the subway ride to school by myself would be ten times longer and more exhausting without music.
Stressful times for me usually include lots of people, nothing stresses me more than knowing there will be a lot of people I don’t know. On a subway? Headphones on and the people are out (add a book and the risk for me missing my station will double).
Yes, I am that crazy morning person that goes for a run before work or school but the only way to make that happen is with music. Just one more song, then you can slow down a bit. And then comes another song that is really quick and you keep running. It makes me really happy and my day much better to have that kind of accomplishment right at the beginning of the day. And after my run with loud and quick music, I like some softer tones, for breakfast. I am in general a very calm person and don’t like loud noises or too loud music. But usually it depends on my mood.
I feel like I need forever to fall asleep. But I found that music for meditation helps a lot. There are loads of videos with sleep music, that are up to 10 hours long on You Tube. I usually use one that is 2 hours and probably never made it to the end.
When thoughts are too loud, the solutions is, you guessed it: music. depending on the mood I am in, they will be overtoned or supported for a bit and then calmed.
For designing and writing it always depends on my mood (I am such a moody person). Sometimes, I need quiet music. Sometimes it’s more on the heavier side. Ed Sheeran for example always makes me happy, and when I am happy, I design better. But sometimes Linkin Park or Avenged Sevenfold will have the same effect.
My taste in music ranges from Disney Soundtracks and instrumental music to rock and heavy metal, and my moods shift quite a bit as well, so it is never really possible for me to answer the question: What do you want to hear? What I don’t like, I can tell you though: Techno and Hip Hop and Remixes. I hate Remixes. Please, stop destroying beautiful songs.
But anyway, without music life would be pretty dull, as it would be without colors. I have absolutely no musical talent but admire everyone who has. Music has probably more effect on me than anything else. It helps me in every situation, makes me laugh and cry and everything in between. I don’t want to imagine a life without it.


Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash

Second Semester: What did I learn?

Sooooo, it’s semester break again and I have officially survived the second semester, which is so strange. I feel like I have just started this, but I will start the third semester in October and it will be officially one year in Berlin for me.

So, what did I take from this semester?
Not nearly as much as from the first semester.

Okay, let’s start with the not so nice things.

The film and postproduction class I had showed me, that while I admire the films and videos from my favorite Youtubers, I do not enjoy making videos myself. It is sooooo much work and needs so much more preparation than I thought. I really underestimated this. But I am glad that I’ve done it at least once, even if the movie didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I will never tell another soul that I ever made it. But it gave me a tiny taste of what video creators are doing all day and showed me that it’s not what I want to do. I think I prefer simple photography.

The second thing I learned was that there are teachers that, I think, sometimes forget to actually teach us. Yes, we are not in high school anymore where everything is laid out for us and just have to learn it, we have to put in effort ourselves but if you want me to develop a key visual, why don’t you start with telling me what that actually is? But I see this as an opportunity to prepare for future exhausting clients who have no clue about what they want. But in all honesty I am hoping for new teachers, because that will provide new input and thoughts and I think our class might need that.

Enough negativity.


I found my love for illustration. We had a project week where we developed a card game for children, which we illustrated. We developed characters, objects etc. and that was something I really enjoyed. I started using my drawing tablet more than I have ever before and got much better in using it. It also got me interested in digital drawing. I have played around in Photoshop but nothing really came out, I’ll just have keep trying.

Actually, the featured picture on this post is something I drew really quickly because I wanted to upload this post, but didn’t want to look for a stock photo or even take a photo myself.

The last thing is, that working for an actual purpose, like a client, is way better than just designing something for myself. It comes with a completely different kind of motivation for the project. And this semester we had 3 projects that were for actual clients, and that kind of made things easier for me.

Also, we finally had a class about typography, which I was awaiting for so long, because it’s such a fundamental topic. And in this same class, we designed a logo. I was really happy with my design, then talked to my teacher about it and he basically crushed it. That was soo frustrating. But we also had to make a poster, so I decided to take a break from the logo and do that, which, to my surprise, he had absolutely nothing to complain about. That gave me some new motivation for the logo and I managed to get him to like it, which is just what I needed.

Even though this semester didn’t feel as positive as the last one, it was not a waste. There will always be good and bad days. And I know that I will probably learn way more from the struggles than from the easy times..

Inspiration. Content Creators

I feel like I always knew what YouTube was. But I think the first time I really turned to it, was because I wanted something from it, when I reached my final exams in school. I wanted to watch people who spoke English. So I found this guy from Minnesota, he was cute and funny and talked about things I liked. And before I knew I was sucked into the YouTube world.
Now, this cute guy from Minnesota, who is just one year older than me, has 5,6 million subscribers and a million other things he does. He lives in LA, has his own brand, is co-founder of a music label, had his clothing line in Urban outfitters and wrote 2 books.
The guy I am talking about is Connor Franta. It always fascinated me how many things he got done being just one year older than me. What have I done? Where are my finished projects that I can put out in the world?

But I think what always kept bringing me back to watching his videos was that he just does what feels right, what he wants to do. He quit college to move to LA and follow his dream of a YouTube career. He wrote books because he wanted to. He raises money for the Thirst Project, uses his popularity to do good. He developed his own brand, sells things he loves: Coffee, candles, clothes and music. He manages to live of what he loves to do. And I admire that.
Of course I know it’s not always bees and butterflies, especially if you put your life out in the internet. But he works through it, no matter what. And I also know, that it is quite a bit of work. He designed the clothes, the brand and everything and writing a book is not easy either. But he is passionate about everything he is doing and does it, even if it is hard.

I read his first book (soon ordering the second one as well) and the words he wrote got me, I understood. And I felt understood. I always related to him talking about social awkwardness, but when I read the book I really felt understood. I took it with me for a while, just to read certain chapters, whenever I had time.
He inspires me, motivates me to do whatever feels right, just by living his life and sharing parts of it with me.

He had his struggles in life, is basically just an average person like me and you but he does these amazing things. He worked hard enough for his success, that it now pays off and he has the freedom to do the things loves. Which is a thing I like about YouTube in general: you have so much freedom in what you do, so many possibilities, and if you work hard enough and reach people with what you do you can live from it and that is something I’ve always admired and wanted for my life and my career. I want to do what I love, what makes me happy. And Connor Franta is one of the people that inspire and motivate me to do exactly that. Thank you, Connor.



The photo was taken  for by Michael Williams

I made something new!

Now that we have film and post production in school, I introduced myself to some more programs to work with. One of them is Adobe After Effects and, boy, this is fun! I watched some introduction tutorials on Youtube and then decided to try myself. Et voilá, I made something! I know, it’s just some circles moving, not even in a straight line, but I managed to make them move in a very short time. And that felt good! I did that, not because I had to, but because I wanted to, outside of school (technically I did it in school, but in a class that really didn’t need my attention and not because it was a task we were supposed to do 😃).
It’s a small victory for me and it feels great. That’s why I am sharing it. It keeps me motivated to keep going and to discover more new things to try out!
It moves! And I made it! 😀