Keep your color!

I study Graphic Design, so my job is basically to be creative within a certain context and rules. But because my urge to be creative goes beyond those rules I love everything creative I see, no matter the context or the rules. I am also a very visual person, so if there is something pretty, I will want it, I will click on it, it will get my immediate attention.

I have also felt my creativity disappear over the last years, because I was told and shown that it’s nothing you needed for where I’ve been: school. No one in my family is very interested in art or creativity, so they don’t really understand. I tell my grandparents I make flyers and magazines, because they can’t imagine anything they don’t know. And they have no clue what Graphic Design means. So they couldn’t really see or help me with my disappearing creativity while in school for economics, where no creativity is needed.

Luckily, it’s coming back. I left school, went to Texas, lived with a family that understands creativity and the struggles that come with it and I slowly made my way back to it. Now, in design school, I need to be creative and it’s hard. I hate that I lost the ability to just draw things without thinking about it and I being happy with it. Now, I mostly feel like it’s not enough. And that is why I related so much to the short film I am sharing today. I experienced exactly what the child does and I see how this happens to other children. And I do not agree with that. There need to be so many changes in the school systems and opportunities for the youngest generation, but that would be an hourlong discussion.

So watch the film and make sure to keep you and your loved ones colorful!


You can find more information on the facebook page of the film and here or you can just google it, get creative 🙂